WALLPAPER: Why else would you buy a Mercedes SLS AMG?

نشرت: 30 نوفمبر 2016


العودة إلى المعرض

The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is an absolute beast of a car. When you combine a 563bhp V8 with rear-wheel-drive and a noise reminiscent of Satan doing karaoke, great things will always happen. It’s why we love the AMG division at Mercedes; consider ’em that mad uncle who turns up every Christmas slightly hammered but massively entertaining.


Above all else the SLS AMG packs one feature which makes it cooler than just about any other sports car in the market. Yup, we’re talking about gull-wing doors, and don’t you dare try and say otherwise.


Admittedly they’re not entirely practical; for a start they’re fitted with mini explosives in case your car rolls over and you find yourself trapped inside. But that’s all part of the charm – who doesn’t love an extra element of danger in their life? A bungee cord could snap at any time, that doesn’t stop thousands of people jumping off cranes every year in the name of ‘fun’.


One man fully embracing this is Meguiar’s own RJ DeVera who just so happens to be the proud owner of the SLS AMG pictured here. When he’s not busy achieving the absolute perfect shine on the Mercedes bodywork, RJ can regularly be seen cruising round the streets of LA with the gull-wing doors raised all the way up – after all, why else would you buy one?*


*RJ doesn’t always drive with the doors up – in fact they’re quite regularly down. But the Meguiar’s wallpaper looks much better with ’em raised.

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