WATCH: Torque Chasers E36 visits the Meguiar’s Detailing Bay

نشرت: 12 أبريل 2018


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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, the Meguiar’s Detailing Bay is the ultimate playground when it comes to transforming your car’s exterior. Granted, it’s a pretty serious setup for the average consumer, but it’s essential for showcasing just how far Meguiar’s products can be pushed in the quest for flawless paintwork. Put simply, you know you’re in safe hands with us.

But the Meguiar’s Detailing Bay isn’t some secretive, employee-only lair we hide away. Quite the opposite in fact! We’re always keen to invite car fans – both those experienced in detailing and those not – into the bay because we firmly believe the best way to showcase the Meguiar’s range is by watching them in action.

One of the latest enthusiasts we had the pleasure of welcoming into the bay was Patrick from YouTube channel Torque Chasers. Having recently acquired a 328i E36 BMW, Patrick was keen to see what could be done to replenish the 20+ year old paintwork. Overall the car was a tidy, good-condition runner but as with any aging sports car a bit of wear and tear is hard to avoid. However with the right selection of products it can be repaired!

With Dale on hand to offer advice and techniques to Patrick, we hit him with the full range of essentials starting with our new Ultimate All Wheel Cleaner & Car Wash Plus+ products to take care of the exterior grime, before pulling the car into the bay and busting out the trusty MT320 Dual Action system.

Dark, metallic paint colours including black and blue are notoriously susceptible to scratches and swirls even when new. But these aren’t long-lasting marks which require a repaint: these are surface marks caused by the likes of contaminants, bushes/hedges and even poor wash techniques. Thought the brush lance at a jet wash cleaned your car? You’ll be doing more damage than good…

With the bonnet split down the middle we showed Patrick a 50/50 comparison using Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound and the MT320 system. Both of these products are designed for any consumer to use and unlike a rotary polisher won’t burn or damage your paint. We LOVE seeing the results, it simply never gets old and safe to say Patrick couldn’t believe what was achieved in such little time!

Make sure you head over to his YouTube channel to check out the full film on his trip to Meguiar’s, detailing and showcasing each of the products mentioned above. Interested in seeing the Meguiar’s UK Detailing Bay for yourself? We regularly host seminars throughout the summer months. To apply for your car to visit the bay contact Dale on

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