Wax on, wax off: Doey’s E21 BMW gets the MB Paste Wax treatment

نشرت: 28 فبراير 2018


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It’s been a pretty bleak winter for car fans, but as February draws to a close and we enter March, things are starting to look brighter… (apart from the Siberian snow storm we’re currently buried under but let’s skate over that for the time being).

With the show season just around the corner, many of you will be pulling your show cars out of storage ready to dust off but just as many of you would’ve had to use ’em tall year round. Either way, one thing’s for certain – your paintwork is going to need proper protection for the months that lie ahead. The solution? Mirror Bright Paste Wax.

To demonstrate just how powerful our Mirror Bright Paste Wax is, we invited long-standing friend of Meguiar’s Steven Doe into the detailing bay along with his immaculate E21 BMW. Doey’s been around the car scene for probably longer than he’d care to admit, but whether he’s on display at Players Classic or simply popping to the shops, his 1983 E21 looks flawless all year round courtesy of a bit of elbow grease and the right selection of Meguiar’s product.

For those of you unfamiliar with our Mirror Bright Paste Wax, this specially-formulated wax polishes paintwork to reveal a deep, glossy finish to maximise colour and mirror-like reflections. Put simply, once your paintwork is swirl-free and clean, a wax further enhances the finish while offering a layer of protection, too.

This is a new wax with an old soul like our Traditional Cleaner Wax It’s a great dual purpose wax for all paint and colour types, a blend of Unique natural  & synthetic Ingredients. Safe for all glossy paint colors & types, including lacquers, enamels & clear coats.

Waxes have a certain stigma associated with them as being time-consuming and hard work, but this simply isn’t the case with the Meguiar’s range. Our Mirror Bright Paste Wax is indeed best applied by hand, but this should be done gently with minimal product which not only takes less time to apply but – more importantly – less time to buff off.

Waxing Doey’s E21 couldn’t have been easier. By pinching the top of the applicator pad and placing it onto the paste wax (with no pressure applied), a simple half-turn of the pad will load enough wax thinly over the pad to cover an entire bonnet. Less really is more with our Mirror Bright Paste Wax, and the less wax on the paintwork = less wax to remove. Everyone wins!

Meguiar’s recommends leaving the wax to cure for several minutes before buffing off with a clean microfibre towel. TOP TIP: In order to tell if the wax has cured, run your finger along the bodywork. If the wax comes off quickly, it’s ready to be removed.

Mirror Bright Paste Wax is priced at £23 and can be purchased here: http://meguiarssaudi.thetestlink.co.uk/shop/automobile-pastewax

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